How to compare & merge

Hi all,

I’m currently looking for using the compare file functionnality and I’m surprisingly not found how can I merge the compared files. Usualy it’s possible in a compare view to move left or right, go to next diff etc.

How can I do that in Theia, this might be very useful if it’s not exist. Perhaps a vscode extension do that but I couldn’t found any in the OpenVsx registry. May be I’m not looking at the right place or in the right option in Theia?

Is someone can tell me some advices.


It’s not yet supported.

Hi thanks for your reply. My usage is out of GIT.

I might need something like that in the editor compare view : Is this you are talking too ?

@Al The only plugin I can find that looks similar to what you’re describing is this one:

You could download the VSIX and put it in your plugins folder.
Be careful, though, the author warns that it is still in very early stage of development.

Thanks, I try diff & merge, I plug it with success to theia (that was not so simple) via package.json which require a hosted .vsix into a HTTPS. But it’s ok.

As you say, it’s seems to be too early as the plugin actualy not working for me. I have the context menu but it open a blank page when I try to use it.

Hi again,

I’m trying the lastest version of diff & merge 0.4.2 on the last 1.9.0 theia. It is always not working.

What I can say :

  • It still impossible to find diff & merge from theia in the extension panel
  • I have some exception when theia starts et when I try to use it like:

at startup:

root ERROR [hosted-plugin: 10631] Unsupported activation events: onStartupFinished, please open an issue:
root ERROR [hosted-plugin: 10631] Unsupported activation events: onCustomEditor:imagePreview.previewEditor, please open an issue:
root INFO [hosted-plugin: 10631] PLUGIN_HOST(10631): PluginManagerExtImpl/loadPlugin(theia/plugins/vscode-diff-merge/extension/out/extension.js)

when using it:
root INFO [hosted-plugin: 6784] Error: Command with id ‘workbench.action.generateColorTheme’ is not registered.
at CommandRegistryMainImpl. (39.bundle.js:3092:35)
at step (39.bundle.js:3002:23)
at (39.bundle.js:2983:53)
at 39.bundle.js:2977:71
at new Promise ()
at push…/node_modules/@theia/plugin-ext/lib/main/browser/command-registry-main.js.__awaiter