How to customize property view in theia

Where can i find the source code of property_view , i can’t get same result based on the document.
This is my result:

This is the result on the official document:

You can check my code there. I want to achieve the same result as official document.

Hey @4EverM,

you can find the source code of the Property View in the @theia/property-view package.


I have checked the source code, but I hope to customize and build another one based on @theia/prpperty-view .

Hi, i can’t understand the meaning of marked sentences in pic below?

There is the document .

Could you please explain to me?

@4EverM The FileInfoPropertyDataService that is used as an example here fulfills a similar purpose as the builtin ResourcePropertyViewWidget. The marked sentence just explains that adding the FileInfoPropertyDataService only makes sense, if there is no ResourcePropertyViewWidget.