How to debug a VS Code extension with Theia

Hello. Sorry, if that is an FAQ, but is there a write-up somewhere for best practices for how to figure out why a VS Code extension suddenly stopped working in Theia (vsix file dropped in the plugins folder)?

Ideally, I could envision debugging to work like this: I have two VS Code instances (not editing Theia with Theia, yet, sorry): one running Theia and the other the VS Code extension. I tell Theia to use that remote extension somehow. I set breakpoints in both places and Theia then would break in either.

Can that work?

[original thread by Peter Haumer]

[Peter Haumer]

Oh, I found this gif video and that actually worked:

[Yuriy Shekochihin]

Is it possible to debug vscode extensions from the electron version of theia?

[Peter Haumer]

I have no experience with the electron version, but I want to mention that I wrote up what I learned about how to do this here in our open source project: . I would assume that electron would work very similarly using the Hosted Plugin commands.

Peter Haumer is a hero!. I have my VS Code extension running in the Theia debugger now. I might get the important parts of my extension to work soon.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I was a bit too early to celebrate. It only worked for one session. Got rid a some problems, but now it stopped working. Mostly running into errors that the plugin host crashes. Too bad! I had my hopes up there a while.