How to debug theia extension

We have developed one theia widget extension , so how to debug that?

[original thread by Madasamy]


You can debug the backend part of the extension from VS Code (run via “Start Browser Backend”) for the frontend part you can debug it directly from your browser.

Hi @madasamy . See here:

If you only want to debug the widget, you can do that from the Chrome dev tools.

You can debug with Chrome devtools, go to sources tab, open ts file and put a breakpoint.

if the file in node or electron-main, how to debug it?

@fanyipin if you need to debug the backend, you can do the same as documented in the main eclipse-theia repository. The template generator (through generator-theia-extension) comes with vscode launch configurations for you to use, namely Start Electron Backend and Start Browser Backend.

You can simply add your backend breakpoints in vscode, and launch the Start Electron Backend debug configuration through the debug-view.

ok,I got it,thanks