How to deploy a custom web theia ide ?

I have changed some codes from the packages based on the source code with version 1.23.0.
After that, i want to deploy it on the winserver and the linux , so that i can visite the web page to use it, could u give some guide docs or some advice on how to deploy it ?

Hey @passion123,

what you’re looking for is a workspace management/orchestration service. There are a few projects like these, most notably Theia Cloud and Eclipse Che.

Yes,my requirement is similar to the Eclipse CHE and the Theia Cloud,I have added some custom functions based on the theia source code,Now i need to deploy my custom theia app as a web ide,Coud u give some guides to show how to achieve it ?

I’ve linked these projects, since they are orchestration solutions built to host custom Theia applications. You’ll need to use them to deploy your IDE. You can take a look at the getting started page of Theia Cloud to see how you can host the solution yourself.

The “Try Now” button on the Theia homepage is done using the Theia Cloud project for example.

got it ,txh