How to generate a .theia file

I’m a green hand in Theia develop, I want to generate a .theia file using a plugin code

as the picture show, these are the plugins which I will use:

unity is the plugin I want to generate into a .theia file, like this:

@Duanyaoguang thank you for the discussion, in your use-case, is unity a theia plugin?
If so, I believe it can be packaged using @theia/plugin-packager like other theia plugins.

yes, unity is a Theia plugin, so I should import @theia/plugin-packager to package it, and I also want to know how to use it in detail, I think I should add “import from @theia/plugin-packager” and want to know what to do then, should I use some instructions like “yarn build ?” or other operations, thank you

@Duanyaoguang like other theia plugins, it should be as simple as including @theia/plugin-packager in your extension’s package.json as a devDependency and executing the script which the dependency implements.

Something like:

$ yarn theia-plugin pack

@vince-fugnitto thank you very much,I will try