How to implement Trace Server Protocol (TSP) in Theia


As part of my final year project at university I will be building an application using Theia.
I will need to make use of a a protocol known as Trace Server Protocol (TSP) (found here GitHub - eclipse-cdt-cloud/trace-server-protocol: Specification of the Trace Server Protocol) to decode performance data.

I’m rather new to Theia so I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. Has anyone had any previous experience implementing such protocol? Any guidance is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hey @askemop,

I believe there already is an implementation of the TSP for Theia, see the theia-trace-extension. Maybe you can reuse that one or create your own extension based on their code?

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You are an absolute angel!! just what I was looking for, this is great :slight_smile:
Happy new year to you and good luck for the future.