How to install vsCode plugins in theia?

I have seen a least a few github issues (such as that say theia does not fully support vsCode extensions.

Could some one kindly explain how to make vsCode extensions work with the theia browser example? That would help me a lot understand and pinpoint what does not work and what to do to improve.

Thank you for your help in advance !

[original thread by Liang]

Anton wrote it down here

I’ve put detailed answer regarding testing grunt extension on the issue:

I added a reference to “deploy plugin by id”


Thank you @svenefftinge and @tsmaeder , I can now see the vscode extension from the theia plugin view.

[Peter Haumer]

Just curious: In addition to the How To, is there also a roadmap on how to map the APIs? I just tried one that adds a TreeDataProvider and could not see it in the Theia UI. Also how would other UI elements such as Activity Bars be mapped?

Are you trying this in master?

[Peter Haumer]

Hi. I tried it with the tagged 3.19 release. I assume there are new commits I should try out?

Not sure, I just wanted to make sure you’re working with a recent release and not 3.17 or so.

@florentbenoit did a diff on the API definitions recently. Also, I did a bit of backlog grooming last week marking vscode API related problems:"plug-in+system"+label%3Avscode

[Peter Haumer]

Thanks. Do you or someone have a screen shot on how the tree views and activity bars would be rendered in Theia? Or do you know extensions with tree data providers that work that one could try out?