How to Make Extension Compatible for theia?

I’m trying to install ms-python extension , But i’m Getting Error similar to this :

X requires VS Code version ^1.x.x but received version 1.x.x"

@DilLip_Chowdary thank you for the discussion, do you mind sharing what version of ms-python you’re attempting to use? Have you attempted to install the extension manually (by downloading it), or are you using the extensions-view in the application?

I’m Used ms-python Version 2021.1.502429796
BTW , i Placed this extension in package.json So that it will be installed in my App

@DilLip_Chowdary the ms-python you referenced has a supported api version of:

In order to determine compatibility (which is not necessarily guaranteed), the framework determines if an extension is supported by verifying the vscode.engines field. At the moment, the supported api version is:

You could either use a version which is compatible (likely the best option), or force the framework to use a default API version which is higher but may introduce other bugs and side-effects as APIs will be missing.

Ex (using the example-browser app from

(cd examples/browser && yarn start --vscode-api-version=1.51.0)

Changing the api version through the environment is not a long term solution.

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