How to make Getting-Started open at first run?

I cant figure out how to make sure Getting-Started is opend on first run (or until some setting says do not)

Anyway to achive that ?

[original thread by Andreas Lorensen]

When we first created the getting-started extension and widget, the goal was to have the page displayed whenever there was no workspace currently active, and onStart. You can see from the following lines what I check before displaying. We thought instead of having a preference disable or enable the page, we can simply choose to keep or remove the extension all together from the package.json. If you however need more flexibility, or functionality, don’t hesitate to write an issue on our Github page and I’d be happy to take a look at it for you!

I’ve been thinking for a while now how I can make it much easier for devs to add more customization, flexibility in order to create custom getting-started pages that differ from the example application.

[Andreas Lorensen]

That sounds great. I would love some way to show a getting started page with information on how to get started. One section for Theia in generel, and one section specifik for my purpos (skill writing for mycroft ai).

[Andreas Lorensen]

That could be done by a simple getting started extension that just opend a markdown page set in settings or somehow. That would make it flexible and easy to use.

[Andreas Lorensen]

I am not a programmer, and did try to lookinto who to make an extension like getting-started, but I didnt fully understand all the stuf :wink:

At the time I didn’t see a way to get both the layout and functionality I wanted (be able to run theia commands) in the getting-started extension simply by using a markdown file. Is your needs more to display documentation on the getting-started for skill writing in mycroft ai ?

[Andreas Lorensen]

Yes. I would like to have a way to display inforation for writing skills to mycroft ai as my goal is to setup a complete enviorement on device to write skills. And I got that, but are missing a way to give the user some starting advice and pointers to futher documentation etc.

Would adding a link to documentation in the getting-started, or contributing an item in Theia’s help menu be sufficient?

[Andreas Lorensen]

Yah that could be a way. But I couldnt figure out how to do that. Ading something under help menu would make my day :slight_smile:

Adding a menu item is quite easy! our base hello-world example is a simple example example of how we can easily contribute a menu item. You would just need to change the parent from being the Edit menu to the Help menu. I can create a quick prototype for you

[Andreas Lorensen]

Sounds great. I did figure that part out, how do I get that into theia when dooing yarn theia build ? That I hassnt figured out yet……

you’ll need to include your extension in your browser/electron’s package.json

[Andreas Lorensen]

yah - Ill understand, but how……(using an editor :wink: ) but what do i add if the extension isnt published as an npm ?

I made a sample ext that contributes the menu and command

if your extension is not published by npm, you can include it in your package.json by its path instead

for example

"mycroft": "file:~/workspace/mycroft-ext/mycroft"