How to make the bottom panel show on start up?

Whenever I load a Theia instance I want the bottom panel to be visible by default and not collapsed.I already know one approach is to override the application shell and configure it.My question is, is there any inbuilt option that allows the bottom panel to show up on loading an instance

[original thread by Nithin Rauj]


I think you can call ApplicationShell.expandPanel(‘bottom’) on startup.


Call that in a FrontendApplicationContribution.

[Nithin Rauj]

@hanksha ,Thanks for the response. Is there any way to make the widget non closable?

have you tried widget.closeable = false

not sure, maybe it is on widget.title


Yes it’s on widget.title but the tab can still be closed via context menu, I’m not sure if that’s intended @anton-kosyakov ?

Sounds like a bug, probably we don’t check this flag everywhere. Could you file an issue please?