How to manage docker python-example in centos

when i try to build docker image from python-docker example then i get an error. how can i solve this !

@vikashkachhawa the theia-apps theia-python example does not make use of yum, this error seems to be related to your changes instead.

Please note that the theia-apps images and electron builds are for examples, continuous-integration and are used to build executables of the framework, if you require modifications such as making the image work successfully on CentOS, then it’s likely you should inspire yourself from the image and implement your own version.

if i use your example and make some changes than can i use your example for commercial use ?

@vikashkachhawa commercial use is supported by the current license:

You mean that i cannot use your open source example commercially.

@vikashkachhawa yes you can, I already mentioned that “commercial use is supported” by the current license ( Apache License 2.0).