How to remove extension option in left side action bar

How can, I remove the option of downloading extension from the action bar?
How can, I hide the same extension icon from the backend part?

@itsnitishkumar can you clarify which option you are referring to, and what the action bar is?
Are you attempting to remove the extensions-view?

@vince-fugnitto PFA of snip its being highlighted with red square. I want to remove this.!!

@itsnitishkumar the simplest solution would be to remove @theia/vsx-registry from your application (this will remove the view and any functionality allowing your users to install extensions from open-vsx). Else in a custom extension you will need to remove the functionality which adds the view.

@vince-fugnitto i tried removing vsx-registry from packages and from other places too. Then also i don’t know from where whenever i compiler the theia using yarn it gets generated in node module @theia/vsx-registry.
Can you please tell me exactly from where all do I have to remove this vsx-registry?

@itsnitishkumar are you creating your own application following the guide? It will be as simple as not declaring @theia/vsx-registry as a dependency and rebuilding the application.

@vince-fugnitto Yes, I am trying to build my own application which is same as theia with few changes, I was following the theia guide.
That’s what I am struggling withI, @theia/vsx-registry is not defined in dependencies inside package.json. So from where it’s getting downloaded inside node modules if i don’t have defined dependency in package.json.
On rebuilding app, it automatically generates in node modules.

@itsnitishkumar can you share your package.json? Also, what is the output if you perform yarn why @theia/vsx-registry in the terminal at the same level as your package.json?