How to rename the electron app?

I’d like to rename the electron app name in the top menu bar here:

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 4.20.52 PM.png

How do I do that and change the application icon as well?

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@kittaakos @thegecko Could you give a hint please?

For the application name, I think you only need to change the value for the “name” field in package.json and rebuild your app.

Ah, that’s not correct. Here is what I was looking-for: . Though this only helps if you use electron-builder to package your application.

I think you meant the following which does change some menu items and widgets (such as getting-started):

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There is improvement but the Electronmenu label is still unchanged


That’s by doing the way indicated by @vince-fugnitto

@hanksha I do not see this menu on Ubuntu - the first menu item is “File”.

When you package your electron-app with electron-builder (similarly to, you can specify a name like @marc-dumais mentioned. Building and packaging that app from theia-apps you can see the name changes to Theia:

@vince-fugnitto Cool. I wonder if the “icon” entry in electron-builder config, ATM only provided in the “linux” section, would also work for Mac? i.e.:

As far as I know it is not for the menu but rather the icon for the dock (vscode also does not display a logo in the main-menu for mac):

@hanksha When you mention you’d like to change the “application icon”, which one are you referring-to?


The one in the Dock like in @vince-fugnitto 's screenshot. I wanted to quickly change name and icon for a demo but it will do for now, I’ll dig into electron-builder when I have more time. Thanks for all the answers!