How to restore closed Widgets?

I had a widget Icon in the right side bar. I clicked close in the right context menu, now it is gone.
How can I restore it, without restarting the application?


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@Knut thank you for the discussion and welcome to the community :+1:

You can re-open your view by triggering the command that opens it, or given how you implemented the view you can trigger open view... and selecting your view from the list.

Hi Vince,
thank you for your fast reply! The problem is, it is not listed in this view. Even if I restart my Theia application, the widget or icon is gone from the side panel.

I found an option under View -> Command Pallete -> Restore Workbench

This restored my view.

From my perspective this is very hard to understand as a newbie, especially even after restarting the web application it was still missing.
I couldn’t find any documentation about that behavour e.g. how theia stores its state. Are there some detailed information, about those habbits?

@Knut what view is it exactly, it is something you implemented yourself?

The reset workbench layout will restore the application to it’s default state, removing any stored data from local-storage (when the application layout and state is stored). If your view implements initializeLayout from FrontendApplicationContribution then the view will be part of the layout by default:

example: outline-view: