How to set the local theia view as same as the view "try on line" --

Hi masters,
I create the local theia ide as below based on the default vscode api 1.53.2 as same as the version of try on line ,but the list of the view menu is different,could u tell me how to show my local theia toolbar as the pic 2 marked of the online view(my local theia web ide does not have the option)

Hey @passion123,

please note that the vscode API version is kind of unrelated to the version of the installed Theia dependencies. We don’t update the vscode API version with every (monthly) update of Theia, so it’s not a reliable measurement. Instead the list of extensions is the important aspect (in this case some next version for the upcoming version 1.31).

To your question: The toolbar feature is isolated in its own Theia extension. Have you added @theia/toolbar to your package.json? Without it, it won’t be installed into your application.

thx ,it works.By the way, is there a list or guides of these extensions like ‘@theia/toolbar’ which can enrich the functions of theia ide ?

@passion123 the main extensions implemented by the framework itself can be viewed here:

You can take a look at their readme for a high level description of what they contribute.

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Thx very much for yr links.

Is there a development api guide for theia extensions and thiea ide , or can i only follow the docs in the github links u mentioned above ?

@passion123 what type of information are you looking for?

We have the following:

thx for ur response.
And btw: the documentation part links you mentioned above * API Documentation can not be found with the error code 404.Please check or fix it.
The info i want to get is about how to customizee my own theia ide ,take some requests as below:
1 add my logo to the custom toolbar, add the user center to the right side of the bar,
2 and the most important is i need to my ide to communicate with another web page like transferring data, sharing data and open a existed project file folder or create a new project template folder.
All in all, i need a development api or guide for custome the theia ide.looking forword ur reply urgently

@passion123 The API documentation doesn’t resolve to a 404 for me. Note that only the full path (i.e. Theia TypeDoc) will bring you to the documentation, everything else (i.e. will indeed show a 404.

  1. Do you want the logo there or a button/command that just has your logo as the icon? If it’s the former, I would recommend you to use the existing logo customization which can be seen here. For more info on how to use the toolbar, please take a look at the sample implementation
  2. Given that Theia is just a node.js application/javascript frontend, you can communicate with anything you like. There’s nothing predefined in Theia for that however, except for the RequestService, which allows you to send simple requests. For workspace management, taking a look at the workspace-server implementation might be interesting.

Thx very much ,got it.yr response helps me a lot