How to support colorful 'ini' file format

I want to edit ‘ini’ file in theia, but I do not find a suitable extension in ‘’, I open my ‘ini’ file in vscode, and it looks good, it seems that vscode has builtin support for this format

I open it in theia, not have highlight color, it makes editing a little bit hard

ini format wiki: INI file - Wikipedia
who knows how to make ‘ini’ file display highlight in theia,?

@wss the *.ini syntax is contributed by the vscode.ini builtin extension, and it is confirmed to work in Eclipse Theia:

thanks great,
now the file extension is ‘.ini’, If I change the file extension to ‘.custom’, Could I open it still with vscode.ini?
I check the vscode setting and do not find any useful option.
I look at vscode.ini package, and find aliases, must I change it and rebuild it if I want to open my custom file extension?

@wss you may be interested in taking a look at Syntax Highlight Guide | Visual Studio Code Extension API documentation since this is pretty specific to the VS Code API, and not necessarily Eclipse Theia.

Note that the vscode.ini extension is a builtin which means it is part of VS Code’s sources itself (I’m not sure how it is being modified in your case).

I just add my file extension format to package, it can display my .custom format in ini