I need to remove "Debug" functionality


I am building a application to analyze and run SQL queries. I am using theia-blueprint, I do not need “Debug” functionality. I was able to remove “Extentions” but just removing “@theia/vsx” in “applications\package.json”, I unable to do so for “Debug”. I reviewed following links with no luck.


@vinodronold thank you for the discussion, if any extension pulls @theia/debug then you’ll have it included in your final application (likely pulled since you have plugin support with @theia/plugin-ext-vscode).

In order to remove @theia/debug (at least frontend contributions of the extension), you’ll need to implement a ContributionFilter to remove the debug contribution.

You can take a look at the following example to be inspired:

The actual filter is implemented at:

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I tried implementing the logic, but for some reason the “Debug” options is still present in the left panel in my electron app, not sure if the issue is with my system.

I tried to clone the theia-no-debug repo and built and ran, the results are same.

But, the same worked in the browser, I am missing something while building an electron app?

Given that the previous debug view was saved to the layout (local storage) it shows up. You can run the command Reset Workbench Layout to cleanup.

this worked. Thanks for the help.!

Quick Question: for building a production ready app, should use this repo or I should use the theia-blueprint.

@vinodronold persoanlly I’d create my own project to have more control, and you can always certainly inspire yourself from theia-blueprint if necessary (ex: if your application is a desktop app and you want to know about signing, using electron-builder, or the branding aspects you can include).

The theia-blueprint project is an example product that is mostly meant to be used as reference (you can find some information on the website).

thank you.

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