I want to know where I can see the effect of theia1.41 for node>=18

My current node is 16.20, but the current Theia version is 1.41, which can also be started. However, the document says that 1.41 can only be used with version 18. I want to know if I can run with version 16.20, but some of the functions inside cannot be used. I haven’t found them yet, and if I upgrade, can I only upgrade node to version 18

@rainwell Using node 18 is not a hard-requirement, as we would update our required node version here as well. It’s just recommended to use node 18, since it’s the same version that our Electron build uses and the latest recommended LTS version.

Everything is supposed to work as expected in Node 16 as well, though we don’t offer explicit support for it, as Node 16 has reached end of life as of the start of this month.