I want to popup window on the initial screen of theia

I’d like to configure the login screen before the editor screen turns on.
To do that, you need to set up a separate page or pop up a popup window.
Is there any way to solve this problem by pop-up window?
Even if an event click does not occur on the editor screen, a pop-up window appears early on.


@kay thank your for the question! The topic of authentication and implementing a login screen has been previously discussed by the community, and you may find it useful to review some of the past comments and links for your own use-case:

thanks for your answer.

I saw that link already, and i already know login/auth function is up to product,
but my question is, is there anyway to make popup modal dialog on init page of theia eidor opened.
any idea?


@kay it depends on when you want the dialog to be displayed (for example before the loading or after the loading is initialized). Your dialog in theory would need to block the user interface until a successful authentication is made. I haven’t thought of a complete solution as it is out of scope of the framework, but we do have application lifecycle hooks (such as onStart) where you can theoretically display your dialog. It all depends however when you want the dialog displayed.

You can review the FrontendApplicationContribution hooks here: