IEditorSupport implementation?


Is there a plan to implement IEditorSupport so we can use the “vscode.openWith” verb? We’ve been reviewing some plugins we’d like to use, and it appears one uses the above command to no avail.

We’ll patch around it right now, but it would be great to know if anyone is looking into this.

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I see could be related to this…

@dwt I am not sure what IEditorSupport is, but CustomEditor support is already implemented ( with support for openWith:

  • Adds openWith command for selecting which editor to use when openning a resource.

You can confirm if the following works for your use-case, and file appropriate issues for missing pieces if necessary.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I worked it out - there is a “vscode.openWith” command that the Jupyter extension invokes which isn’t implemented by Theia; right now we’ve patched around it with just using “”. When we have a moment we’ll see if we can implement the “vscode.openWith” command.

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