If I use Docker are my files private or are they the desktop files

I have the npm/yarn version of Theia running and I see all my computer files to open and I want them to not be available. Does using Docker make it so that my computer files are private? Does using Docker also start a Docker Container or is it impossible?

[original thread by Samuel Corsi-House]

[Samuel Corsi-House]

I installed Docker but it is missing some UI. How do I fix this. It is missing the top menu bar and how do I change the directory to a Docker container?

[Samuel Corsi-House]

i figured out how to move it to a container now only some of the ui is missing.

there is a dependency issue right now to work it around: https://github.com/eclipse-theia/theia/issues/7726#issuecomment-623169148

Do you deploy Theia inside docker container?

You can configure system user which has access only to limited files and start Theia pointing to a specific folder.