If I want add more extensions, what should I do?

when I use yo theia-extension to create Hello World extension,but If i want add another extension in it, what should I do?
I try add another folder of extension to it, but when run yarn prepare in browser app folder, it occurs the error:

Failed to resolve module: theia-hello-world-extension-second

[original thread by oyo]

You should wire it as yarn workspace, i.e. add in root package.json under workspaces and then as a dependency to your app.

Don’t forget to declare extension entry points in package.json, implement and compile them.


@anton-kosyakov Thx, if I want modify layout of explorer to BottomPanel’s layout, what should I do?now the layout:from top to bottom, I want from left to right?

FileNavigatorContribution.opeView({ area: ‘bottom’ })

You can also rebind FileNavigatorContribution to custom subclass and override initializeLayout with this.openView({ area: ‘bottom’ });


@anton-kosyakov If I want modify EXPLORER_VIEW_CONTAINER_ID of viewContainer layout, How to do?

What is the motivation?

widget.id = ‘myId’

but I’m not sure that it won’t break anything, there can be css classes depend on it and some code looking for such widget, hope not