Individual Filters in File upload service

How to enable individual file filters in File upload service dialog

I have extended FileUploadService and changed this.uploadForm.fileInput.accept, now I can able filter the files but cannot list the file extensions


this.uploadForm.fileInput.accept = ‘.vmf’

File fiter is VMF File

this.uploadForm.fileInput.accept = ‘.vmf,.xsd’

File Filter is Cutom Files

File filter should be
VMF File
XSD File

If I gave more than one extension to filter, the filter description is changing to Custom files,
how to display individual descriptions to each extension.

Hi @Panneerselvam-D,

since the form is actually controlled by the browser you’re using, there’s nothing we can do from Theia’s side. We just invoke the <input type="file"/> HTML element. As far as I can tell, most browsers just support actual file filters for the usual MIME types, like images, audio and videos. They seem to throw everything else in the Custom Files bin.

Thank You for clarifying @msujew