Inline item renaming in TreeWidget

I want to implement inline item renaming in a tree widget, what I did is I rendered a text input in renderCaption, and it’s working good.

But I was wondering if there’s a better way to do it, I mean if there’s already a way to do it in Theia’s code.

Check code

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No there isn’t, but we would love to see this feature in Theia so that we can remove input dialogs and align the UX with VS Code. Are you willing to contribute this feature to Theia?

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@ccheraa as @kittaakos mentioned, it would be great to have the feature in the framework if you are willing to contribute it :slight_smile: We have the following issue tracking the feature:

@kittaakos I would love to, for now, I’m overriding the the renderCaption to render the text input, but how would I integrate it in the tree?
It can be in the file tree, but I think it would be better to be in the tree widget with callbacks to “rename” and “cancel”.
Also, I’m not quite sure how to contribute to the project, I haven’t done that before.