Install Theia cloud & configuration expert

I am looking for an expert who can install Theia cloud at my ubuntu server and can configure as per my requirements:

  • I need pre-container ready platform for LAMP, MERN, Ubuntu etc
  • Additional Configurations/Extensions: I need additional configurations and extensions for my Theia IDE installation.
  • Multi users collaboration with admin access - Screen sharing extension - All ports installation for web preview ( browser)
  • phpmyadmin access using specific port

Interest expert can contact with me at gossy4@gmailxcom. we will discuss the price.

I believe the people over at EclipseSource will be your best option for that, they wrote Theia-Cloud after all.

Multi users collaboration with admin access

Regarding that requirement: The team is currently working on a spike for user collaboration support. See here.

@msujew Thank you so much, Surely I will contact with them…