Installing or using Theia CPP extension for newbie

I see

and I would like to integrate them.

I would like to be able to compile and build and run and debug a cpp application.

I may want to do this for Java and Node later on.

I don’t know how to find the plugins or extensions nor how to integrate them.

As in what directory to put them in, and what files to modify.

Perhaps there is a ready-made theia for cpp.

The fundamental question is: since one knows the github url, is that all that is necessary to insert somewhere in the ide filesystem?

But other than that I see that there is a way to install extensions using an icon on the left of the main window.

But it will only allow, extensions that reside in openvsx

Is there a way to install the following?

@oldguy thank you for the discussion, for language support you should install vscode extensions and consume them in your application. This depends on your use-case, if you want the extensions included in your application by default (build time) you would reference them in your application’s package.json by url like so:

Else, you can install them through the extensions-view which would search and install extensions present in

As for cpp, you can certainly inspire yourself from the open-source docker image we have (likely extensions can be bumped to newer versions), it makes use of the vscode-clangd extension for most of the cpp functionality:

But it will only allow, extensions that reside in openvsx

That is correct, the framework only installs extensions in open-vsx (the open-source alternative to the vscode marketplace) as the marketplace is restricted to vscode.

Is there a way to install the following?

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