Instance webviews through Theia vscode plugins?

I see that the entire vscode WebviewPanel API is supported, but vscode.createWebviewPanel() isn’t. Is there a specific a workaround to initialize a WebviewPanel in Theia when using vscode API?

[original thread by Raphael Dos Santos]

It should be supported:

Where do you see that it does not?

It’s vscode.window.createWebviewPanel btw, not vscode.createWebviewPanel

[Raphael Dos Santos]

My bad, I meant vscode.window.createWebviewPanel. Here it shows it’s not supported:

cc @florentbenoit

@santosr it should be supported, could you be more specific on the error you have or the VS Code extension you’re trying to use and that is not working ?

[Raphael Dos Santos]

@florentbenoit Was running into some issues when testing a vscode extension, when I went looking for the supported API and noticed was showing up as not supported I thought it was an issue.

Finally the issue was somewhere else and the createWebViewPanel actually works.

[Raphael Dos Santos]

Thanks for your time.