Integration issue itlingo-theia

I have been trying to install itlingo-theia (in git-hub)
I tried this command:

git clone --depth 1 && yarn --cwd theia && yarn --cwd theia\\examples\\browser start

Nevertheless, before I installed software (as mentioned in the tutorials) but now I have the issue in the image bellow. Can you help?
Would ib be better to try this from a clean installation of Windows 10 ?


Can you install and build native-keymap?

Does this work for you?

rm -rf native-keymap-test \
&& mkdir native-keymap-test \
&& cd native-keymap-test \
&& npm init -y \
&& npm i -S native-keymap

Here are the verified, required steps to be able to build Theia on Windows, try it.