Integration Tests

We are developing a Theia Exentsion, which talks over HTTP to a Server application. I would like to write some integration tests which will start the server, and then test various UI operations of our extension. Is there a recommended way to do this?

Our extension is basically a glorified file tree browser of a remote server, with a whole bunch or righ-click operations for the directories and files on the remote server which are shown in the tree.

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We are using wdio to do UI testing on the main repository, starting what’s required on the various lifecycle hooks provided by the framework. Maybe that would work for you as well?

[Adam Retter]

Possibly, I am really not even a beginner in this. I did see some issues that looked to say that you guys wanted to move from wdio to Cypress?

[Adam Retter]

I also wondered, do I have to write two sets of intergration tests, one for the Browser App and one for the Electron App?

I don’t think we really have tests for Electron, no one invested time into it.

I usually prefer to extract logic/state from widgets to a model and test model without UI. UI tests are usually flakky and hard to debug, Cypress tries to address it. I don’t think we have prefferable way right now for UI testing.