Invisible Toolbar Menus


I have no idea why the menus are not appearing.

    "private": true,
    "dependencies": {
        "@theia/callhierarchy": "next",
        "@theia/file-search": "next",
        "@theia/git": "next",
        "@theia/markers": "next",
        "@theia/messages": "next",
        "@theia/mini-browser": "next",
        "@theia/navigator": "next",
        "@theia/outline-view": "next",
        "@theia/plugin-ext-vscode": "next",
        "@theia/preferences": "next",
        "@theia/preview": "next",
        "@theia/search-in-workspace": "next"
    "devDependencies": {
        "@theia/cli": "next"
    "scripts": {
        "prepare": "yarn run clean && yarn build && yarn run download:plugins",
        "clean": "theia clean",
        "build": "theia build --mode development",
        "start": "theia start ./my-workspace --hostname --plugins=local-dir:plugins --port 8080",
        "download:plugins": "theia download:plugins"
    "theiaPluginsDir": "plugins",
    "theiaPlugins": {
        "vscode-builtin-css": "",
        "vscode-builtin-html": "",
        "vscode-builtin-javascript": "",
        "vscode-builtin-json": "",
        "vscode-builtin-markdown": ""

@myFree.1 did you notice any errors in the dev-console, when trying I see the following error:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined
    at task-schema-updater.ts:172
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at task-schema-updater.ts:171
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at TaskSchemaUpdater.updateSchemasForRegisteredTasks (task-schema-updater.ts:158)
    at TaskSchemaUpdater.updateSupportedTaskTypes (task-schema-updater.ts:219)
    at task-schema-updater.ts:75
    at event.ts:117
    at CallbackList.invoke (event.ts:125)
    at (event.ts:267)

I’m not sure why the error is occurring yet, and why we do need see the same issue in the framework itself.

I opened the following issue, thank you for reporting it to us :+1:

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There is no error in the console just warnings like this:

root WARN [5ad76fc5-85f2-4f53-b376-d02387fe78ee][vscode.markdown]: Language for '' not found.

Thanks for the reply, I will follow up.

@myFree.1 would you mind trying the following, it is generally not advisable to use next since there may be issues with npm publishing and you’ll get different versions of extensions which may lead to issues.

Can you:

  • git clean -ffdx
  • rm -rf yarn.lock // delete the lockfile
  • update dependencies to their latest version instead of next
  • yarn && yarn theia start

Hi, same issue here. In my case, the “hello world” extension created with the generator shows the exact same behavior: no menu entries at all.

I tried steps mentioned by @vince-fugnitto but my dependencies, as created by the generator, were already pointing at “latest” version. Nevertheless, I removed the yarn.lock file and run yarn, but the issue remains

I removed everything but my package.json file and installed it as the latest version but it didn’t fix the problem.

The Panel/Toolbar element is completely empty.

If you downgrade all of your @theia dependencies from latest to 1.16.0 it gets back to work. Or at least, it works for me :sweat_smile:. So there must be a conflict somewhere in the newest release…

@myFree.1 @davidg.kairos I’ve noticed the issue initially when building for 1.17.0, but after performing a reset workbench layout (through the command), or modifying the window.menuBarVisibility preference the application falls back on it’s feet.

I was not able to reproduce the issue consistently after that.

If I make the Menu Bar Visibility option visible instead of classic it appears.

Same here. After changing the preference setting or resetting the workbench as said by @vince-fugnitto, it works properly again.
Unfortunately I didn’t thought on changing the preference value, it would have saved me hours of tinkering…

I have a fix for the issue under review, thank you for reporting it again, it was not obvious what combination of extensions exposed the problem.

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