Is it possible to have IDE on one side and terminal on the other?

I’m trying to acheive something like this. Let me know if this is possible through settings or other ways.


If this isn’t possible, I’m ok with having the terminal open on as a tab by default is also good.


@sharu725 thank you for the discussion!

If you mean having all these tabs as part of the entire application then yes the framework supports a flexible layout as you’ve described including more advanced cases:

If you mean having separate windows then it is not yet supported ( apart for the electron (desktop) use-case being able to spawn external terminals.

Thanks for the quick response @vince-fugnitto. I went through the documentation here - but there are no guides on how to get the layouts screenshots by default. Can you direct me towards anything helpful?

@sharu725 you will need to create a custom extension which modifies the default layout.

You will need to make use of the following APIs:

If no layout state is present (example: the user has not updated the layout), then it will set the default layout which you control.

When defining the view, you will likely need to update the defaultWidgetOptions to compose a layout you want:

You can search for usages of this API in the framework for inspiration.

Alternatively, you can extend the default implementation for createDefaultLayout to suit your needs: