Is it possible to have multiple private workspace on single host?

Two students are writing code in their corresponding workspace on theia hosted on server. Student 1 is smart enough to write good program and Student 2 is smart enough to copy that program as “File > Open” option is available for everyone. Is there any way to keep every user’s workspace private? Creating individual containers with dedicated mounts on server for 10 students will become RAM hungry application. Any API available to remove/add menu of IDE or to keep privacy in workspaces?

[original thread by Noddy]

I don’t think it is feasible if they use the same server. Maybe you can run 2 Theia servers under different system users.

If Student 2 is smart enough to use the terminal nothing will stop him from reading files of Student 1.


Yeah that’s true, if any student smart enough to play with terminal, whole system can be compromised. Is any solution to avoid this thing? I prefer docker containers for this, but again it requires lot resource if i create dedicated instance per student where more than 20 students will be in exam.