Is it possible to launch Theia Yangster extension in plugin mode?

Is Yangster Theia extension compatible with VS Code? Also, is it possible to launch it in plugin mode so that we can apply other VS Code extensions using vsix files?

@Rijul I believe that yangster has migrated to a plugin, it is currently being used in one of our docker images (reference).

It is being supported by the original authors of the extension:

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@vince-fugnitto - Thank you for sharing this information. I really appreciate it. I would like to further check if there is any documentation available anywhere for converting an existing Yangster like extension (which uses LSP) into a plugin. Any leads in this direction will be appreciated.

@Rijul While Theia does not offer documentation on migration, vscode offers great documentation on how to create your own extension with LSP support. Does that help you?

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@msujew - thank you for sharing this. I went through this link and other examples created by the TypeFox team to achieve the behaviour “Running a custom DSL based on Xtext and Sprotty as a VS Code extension”. It worked for me :slight_smile: