Is it possible to run theia locally?

Is it possible to run theia locally? Without docker & busybox, or maybe with docker if there is no other ways.
The idea is to use Theia with full terminal of the computer and not the limited busybox.

[original thread by Joseph benguira]

Absolutely, Theia is agnostic to deployment targets. theia apps are just examples, it is easier to let other to try Theia. But you can create app package.json and built from it locally.

You can also deploy with as Electron app.

[Joseph benguira]

Hey Anton, thanks for yout quick answer!! Do you have some pointers about what to change in the config to not use busybox but the local shell instead?

@angelius are you speaking about docker images for busybox ? Theia can run locally (not in Docker) in that case it’s just a local app (you can look at (electron = desktop app, browser: the server side will run on your local computer, then you can connect from anywhere with a browser)

[Joseph benguira]

Yay it worked thanks :slight_smile: