Is there a need to set specific preferences as non-overridable?

I’ve been wondering, is there a need for a mechanism for applications to set specific preferences as non-overridable? For instance, applications can define their own default values for preferences and then declare them as non-overridable (cannot be updated by users). This means that if applications want to have a more standard product (look similar for multiple users), follow their own design guidelines, they can do so.

It’d be a lot easier to simply declare these preferences as fixed instead of having to re-implement a package and bind their own implementation in my opinion.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

[original thread by Vince Fugnitto]

Providing a custom extension and implementing APIs should be a default proper way to customize.

it it is hard right now we should improve our APIs.

It is probably should be in the scope of branding extension which provide convenient APIs for standard customizations.

We should probably agree on what the branding extension provides as APIs and features to Theia.
Unfortunately I have been unable to do much work on the previous branding extension and we should think of what sort of APIs it should bring to Theia to make it a lot easier for applications and extenders to use.

You don’t need to finish everything at once. It would be good to land what you have first and then improve it.

I remember being blocked at some point with the PR, I’ll have to revisit it and see if I can resolve it