Is there a way to disable the creation of Trash folder upon deleting files

I’m looking for a way to disable the creation of the ‘Trash’ folder when deleting files; it seems superfluous to have this Trash-folder show up; my workspace folder is already hosted on storage that allows filerecovery ánd git also allows recovery of files if they are deleted from a repository.

I haven’t found a way in the Theia-preferences.

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There is no such preference right name. VS Code has files.enableTrash preference, we can have similar. Please file an issue.

If you have a custom Theia extension, you can change it programmatically right now, via binding FileSystemNodeOptions.



[Josh Bradley]

I also ran into this problem, trying to host Theia on a system where certain dirs had only read permission. It caused some odd behavior because the Trash folder couldn’t be written in the first place.

please comment on the issue, to keep the discussion in one place :slight_smile: