Is there any progress with Theia move to Eclipse foundation?

[original thread by Gorkem Ercan]

Hi Gorkem. Have you seem the minutes for the Dec 18th dev meeting?

I had a first exchange with Gunnar regarding our dependencies. Will follow-up this week.

[Gorkem Ercan]

Can I be help in any way? Would you be available for a quick chat?

Update: I had a meeting yesterday afternoon with Sharon and Wayne of the Eclipse Foundation to discuss the way forward. They clarified one important aspect: contrary to our latest theory, publishing “latest” to NPM, as we currently do monthly, does count as an Eclipse release, with everything this entails, IP-wise. Our “next” builds can fall under the “nightly and integration builds/” ( exception, and so would not require IP certification. So IIUC, once we move the repo, we will need to be IP certified before we can do the next monthly release.

About the way forward, on how to handle our new/updated production NPM dependencies: Sharon and Wayne asked some questions related to our project, to try to understand the challenges we face in this area. They will take this information to drive internal discussions, and to come-back with a proposed way forward, ETA beginning of next week.