Is there any way to use DebugEditor in theia?

I find there is function about debugger in theia source code. But I donot know how to use it, is there any way to use DebugEditor in theia? If someone can tell me, I will thanks a lot!!!

Hey @Ray-ZL,

let’s take a step back here. What are you trying to accomplish? The DebugEditor type is already quite deep into the code and only a type alias for the normal monaco editor.

The debug functionalities of Theia are usually contributed by vscode extensions that implement a debug adapter. Like vscode, Theia only provides the infrastructure for debugging, but doesn’t implement an actual debugger. See the vscode-js-debug extension for an example.

@msujew Thank you for your reply. I want to use monaco editor to implement the feature like below, can you provide any idea for me? I will appreciate it.