Issue when using the latest version of the VS Code python plugin

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Has anyone encountered an issue using the some of the latest VS Code Python plugin versions when starting a new jupyter notebook (Although it seems from the error that it’s not related to Jupyter specifically).

/usr/lib/theia/plugins/vscode-python/extension/out/datascience-ui/notebook/require.js, /usr/lib/theia/plugins/vscode-python/extension/out/datascience-ui/notebook/ipywidgets.js, /usr/lib/theia/plugins/vscode-python/extension/out/datascience-ui/notebook/monaco.bundle.js, /usr/lib/theia/plugins/vscode-python/extension/out/datascience-ui/notebook/commons.initial.bundle.js, /usr/lib/theia/plugins/vscode-python/extension/out/datascience-ui/notebook/nativeEditor.js is not a valid file name

This works with earlier versions of this plugin, the one I know for sure this error doesn’t happen for is release 2020.1.58038

Any help would be appreciated.

[original thread by Hamza BENHMANI]

Hi, Theia does not have complete support of VS Code FS APIs yet. Please track this issue:


Thank you Anton!

I am going to work on it next week, so in 3-4 weeks we should have it running.


Amazing! I see that issue has the label “help wanted”, I’m pretty new to the Theia project but if there is anything I can help with, please let me know.

sorry, I forgot to remove it. This issue is very involving. One needs to understand how VS Code fs API is used in VS Code internally and by VS Code extensions and then align Theia API at the same time avoiding to break Theia extensions. We would prefer to work on it ourself. You can look for other issues.


Sounds good.