Javascript linting options?

I’d like to tweak certain javascript linting options, such as requiring semicolons, but I can’t seem to find such an option in preferences. Is there somewhere other than preferences where the javascript linter is configured?

@bendavis are you asking for a personal project, or perhaps custom application? (I’m not sure it’s related to the open-source framework)

If you’d like to know about the framework, we use eslint and it’s various rules in order to lint the project (you may look at the configuration files we have). The rules we use can be warnings or errors (which fail the build).

For example, semicolon:

Please note that eslint also supports plugins which can also contribute additional rules.

@vince-fugnitto I’m looking for how to configure linting for any vanilla js project being developed in theia.

@bendavis you will likely need to include eslint plugin into your application, but the configuration (rules) are set by the project/workspace, not the framework.