JSP development using Theia

I moved from NetBeans to VS Code now looking at Theia.

There is only one VSCode extension for JSP and it is not support anymore. This extension does not work with Theia.

Is there a better way to develop JSP code using Theia that I am not seeing or do i need to figure out how to write extensions and fork the old JSP extension?

@mcg1103 the framework makes use of vscode extensions to provide language-support. Previously, there was support for theia extensions which provided language-support but this was dropped in favor of supporting pre-existing, and feature-rich vscode extensions. If your application requires jsp support, then you should find an appropriate vscode extension which contributes support, and if none exist then one possibility is to create your own/fork the existing one to suit your needs.

you should file a bug and point to this extension