Jupyter, FS API, Python Extension

Hello folks,

Was very happy to see the following resolved:

However, I built Theia today with:

https://open-vsx.org/extension/ms-python/python/2020.7.96456 (as an in-built extension)

And I’m getting the same error as in:

Is there anything I’m doing wrong such that I don’t have the latest updates?

Thanks a lot!

@kaustav-aarish are you building your own application, it is possible your yarn.lock file is pinning your @theia/ dependencies to earlier versions.

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Which version of Theia do you use? It is only available in next.


Thanks! That was indeed the reason it wasn’t updating. However, when I try to open a .ipynb file, the following prompts pop up (bottom right):

As you can see, it runs the install on the terminal and all the requirements are already there. However, this is a similar problem I’m having in VSCode as well, so I’ll try wiping Python and trying again.

You should install all runtime dependencies required for running kernels. They are not part of Theia or python extension.

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Just to clarify, does this mean the fix will be released with 0.15.0? If so do we need to build from source to test this?

@yunuscukran the completed support for Python will be in the upcoming v1.15.0 release or already if one uses next as a dependency range. It depends on how you are consuming Theia, are you building your own product?

If you’d like to test the support, you can always build the main repository and test using either the examples/browser or examples/electron applications.

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We are building our own product with its own extensions, the directory structure looks like this: https://github.com/marechal-p/theia-3d-view, so we pull theia/packages from package.json

If one uses next instead of latest does it pull and build from the master branch? Trying to figure out the exact code we’ll be getting.

@yunuscukran if you are building your own product and are using latest, the fix will be included in the next release (this August 28th). Of course if you have your own yarn.lock file, it will need to be updated as not to pin the @theia dependencies to prior versions. If you use next it will contain the bleeding edge (master) changes (which may/may not be what you want for your product).