Key mapping only works with Google dev tools open

Hi, I have a strange issue where certain key mappings (cmd+c for example) only work in a web-view in Theia when Google dev tools are open in Chrome. Has anyone else seen this?

[original thread by Christopher Morris]

[Christopher Morris]

Replying to my own message but this seems to be the real issue: '…reason it works with dev tools open is that chrome then handles the commands, the edit stuff in theia seems to be always failing
says ‘Please use the browser’s paste command or shortcut.’ when I try to use it
so i’ll try to remove copy paste options from the menu and just let the browser handle it

Some browsers do not allow programmatic access to copy/paste. So Theia cannot trigger them on behalf of user.

Although we have by now ClipboardService which does different tricks to make it work for different browsers. Maybe we can use it instead to implement programmatic copy/paste.