Keybindings have collision

Keybindings for Go to definition and Go to implementation commands have collision, both are bound with ctrl+f12. Looks like the problem is related to the issue
Does it make sense to change default keybinding for Go to definition command and set it as ctrl+f11, WDYT?

[original thread by Valeriy Svydenko]

in the electron version of theia, they are bound to f12 and f12 respectively. If we can rebind “goto definition”, why not rebind it to f12? Or is this a browser/electron issue?

I know that f12 opens the devtools, but that is als available via a menu, right?

[Valeriy Svydenko]

in the electron we have f12 for Go to definition and ctr+f12 for Go to implementation and it works nice
but in the browser we have crl+f12 for both and we can’t rebind it to f12 - the browser will intercept that action

I think it makes sense to rebind it, not sure what will be the good keybinding. if ctrl+f11 is free for browser and does not do anything special on different OS then it should be fine. We can also try to use another modifier, i.e. shift+f12.

It would be good to have an issue for it.

[Valeriy Svydenko]

@anton-kosyakov ctrl+f11 is free and doesn’t have any effects for browser and OSs. shift+f12 is bound for Peek References. The PR to rebind is here