Lerna no longer maintained

It seems the maintainers of lerna have given up on it - https://github.com/lerna/lerna/issues/2703#issuecomment-744601134

I am curious to know what the core developers of Theia feel about this and the potential impact this might have on Theia users?

@akhileshraju thank you for the discussion, lerna is used as a devDependency in order to manage/publish the different packages present in the theia monorepo and since everything was working fine for that purpose we did not feel the need to replace it yet.

For downstream applications and users there is no impact since using lerna is completely optional and not enforced by the framework.

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@vince-fugnitto Also, any plans on moving away from phosphorjs widgets since it’s also archived?

@aditya211935 we have the following issue to track updating from phosphor but there hasn’t been any recent efforts in doing so.

About lerna, someone has stepped-up and taken-over the maintenance. See here for the details:

They have indeed published new versions to address vulnerabilities, which we have recently adopted in the main Theia and also Blueprint repos.

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