List of all Widgets Names

As the title says I’m looking for a list with all the names of the widgets. I want to hide all widgets, thanks to drochgenius ( I can do this with the following code: Widget) => {
        if (['search-in-workspace', 'explorer-view-container', 'scm-view-container', 'scm-view'].includes( ||'debug')) {

As you can see in the example, widgets are searched by their names, so I would like to hide the StatusBar for example. And is there also the possibility to hide the tab area on top (File,Edit,Selection, etc.)?


@weisa-san sorry for the delay in answering your question, do you mind sharing your use-case as to what you mean by hiding all the widgets? (do you want them removed from your application, or simply removed from the default layout). Based on the widgets you included in your snippet it seems that you want to update the default layout.

If you want to remove the statusbar, you’ll have to create a custom theia extension which overrides and rebinds the default application-shell implementation, likely to not create the statusbar.