Live Preview is not working

When I try to preview a file, I get:
Property liveServer.settings.port is not allowed.

I have the theia running on port 3000, and i am using caddy to reverse proxy to it.


OK–after much googling, and researching it appears that for webviews to work I need start theia with ssl…so started it with this:
yarn start --ssl --cert .crt --certkey .key --hostname --allowed-hosts

and now, I get a cors on loading, and then when I load the preview I get this in the console:

logger-protocol.ts:112 root ERROR error stringifying response: TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON
–> starting at object with constructor ‘SplitPanel’
| property ‘_layout’ -> object with constructor ‘ViewContainerLayout’
— property ‘_parent’ closes the circle
at JSON.stringify ()

Any help will be appreciated.