Live share


As shown here - Live share is supported in Theia. Can you refer me how to? via extension?

So as an example, remote container support has already been contributed and live share is currently under development.

@eyal As the blog mentions, live share for Theia is currently under development. You can expect a first contribution in that direction in December of this year. The feature will probably be available some time in Q1 of 2024.

Note that there are extensions that already provide such a feature to a limited degree, see also

Thanks for the answer.

I tried use codetogether extension. Looks like has problem for Theia (not so surprising) - I get Error saying “Unable to enable Proposed APIs… no such file or directory .vscode/argv.json”

Interesting, but yeah, proposed APIs can be a bit troublesome. The extension generally works when you don’t enable the proposed API mode, but it’s missing a few features in that case.

And yes, the extension thinks it’s running in vscode, which it why it tries to write into a file that probably doesn’t exist on your local system…