Loading a vs plugin in Theia

I think I am loading plugins incorrectly because they don’t seem to recognize files correctly. I’m developing an extension and tried adding plugins to both the browser and project package.json. For example, in my package.json I added a theiaPlugins object and gave it this from an example on theia’s github:

“vscode-builtin-python”: “https://open-vsx.org/api/vscode/python/1.39.1/file/vscode.python-1.39.1.vsix

The IDE still thinks my python file is plain text (you can see from the “plain text” label in the status bar). Same with GO.

How do I load language plugins?

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I’m now for the first time seeing https://github.com/theia-ide/theia-apps, I’m going to try some of these and figure out how the plugins work

@shortwavedave the easiest way would be to describe the plugins you require in your application’s package.json, and once built call the yarn download:plugins script which will fetch and download the plugins listed. When starting your application you should reference your plugin path similarly to how it’s done in the examples.

The theia-apps examples like you’ve mentioned is a good reference as well :slight_smile: